Draft & share

Term sheets

with ease

Reduce errors and administration efforts when negotiating term sheets.

Collaborate simultaneously without version chaos.

Never email Word documents around again. Multiple collaborators edit simultaneously and can open the latest version in 1 click.

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Always know who changed what, when, why.

neopolis organizes a document's history in a way that is simple and intuitive. Document compares can easily be generated through drag & drop via the neopolis version graph.

Transparent version control with neopolis in Word.

Customize your own client collaboration interface.

With neopolis web you can provide clients easy access to the document and version story as well as trigger workflows based on client actions.

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A single place for all your versions.
In Word.

Failed version control in a digital workplace.Version chaos on a file drive.

Without neopolis

  • Scattered versions on drives and inboxes.
  • Time wasted on browsing folders and inboxes.
  • Colleague: "Please check-in version 23"?
  • Never-ending email pingpong.
  • Painful document comparisons.
Transparent version control with neopolis in Word.

With neopolis

  • One-click transparency about document history.
  • Access the latest version instantly.
  • Work simultaneously and don't block others.
  • Streamlined collaboration in Word.
  • Easy drag & drop compares in Word.
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Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say.

neopolis is a low-threshold entry for law firms into the topic of legal tech with high potential for success. Elaborate training or introductions of a new system are not necessary, as the tool was developed user-centric and is integrated into Word.

“neopolis provides seamless integrations for client collaboration for the legal sector with great support and customer care.”

neopolis streamlines the collaboration processes with my clients. This helps my team to save valuable time and offer seamless legal services.