neopolis Web

neopolis Web

neopolis Web enables easy collaboration and version control with any browser.

neopolis Web

Easily collaborate with externals

neopolis Web allows to draft documents in a collaborative manner with externals who do not have the neopolis Word Add-in.

Simultaneous co-authoring

Our software applies the GIT technology to the collaborative editing of professional documents. This allows users to draft together in an easy and controlled manner in order to produce high-quality documents in a short time.

Simple version control

neopolis simplifies version control enormously. It allows you and your collaborators to access the latest version and document history with one-click. It's user-interface is intuitive to use and can quickly be learned by anyone.

Secure collaboration

Document versions are auditable and secure because of sophisticated encryption.

Goodbye email

Share documents from within the neopolis Word Add-in with externals.

Edit documents and create versions

Edit documents and create versions from within Microsoft Word. Always access the latest contributions of all team members.

Collaborate simultaneously

Clients give feedback in the Web-Browser of their choice. From either their computer or their phone. Get notifications when colleagues and externals have created new versions and stay in the loop.

Access the document history with ease

No need to leave Word anymore: Compare different document versions easily with drag and drop within the neopolis Add-in.

For anyone who handles documents

neopolis Web empowers everyone to collaborate as fun and efficient on Word documents as software developers collaborate on source code.


  • Contracts,
  • Company agreement
  • Purchase agreement
  • NDA
  • SPA
  • Term sheet
  • Terms of use
  • ...


  • Bill
  • Policy draft
  • Concepts
  • Press release
  • Tender documentations
  • ...


  • Research papers
  • Master, PhD thesis
  • Specification list
  • Audit documentation
  • Tech specification
  • ...