New feature issue manager is available now.

Issue manager now available

New feature issue manager is available now.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new feature, Issue Manager!

With this feature, neopolis users can now create, assign, and manage tasks from within Microsoft Word. Here are three advantages of working with issues:

🔗 Streamlined Communication: Issues allow for quick and easy communication between team members.

⚙️ Improved Efficiency: Issues help to ensure that tasks are completed in an organized and timely manner. Scattered information across inboxes and in comments are a thing of the past.

❣️ Reducing Errors: By creating and managing issues instead of loosing information in comments within the document, lawyers can reduce the possibility of errors significantly.At neopolis, our goal is to help lawyers be more efficient and reduce errors by empowering them to collaborate like developers. With our new Issue Manager, we are taking one more step towards that goal!